Are business reviews important?

A review can give great insight into the professionalism and reliability of any business.

You’ve spent hours and hours trawling the internet and Instagram for that perfect wedding vendor. Their website is amazing, their Instagram is on point. You’ve been stalking them for months! BUT… the questions start to swirl around in your head. How do you know you can trust them? Are they going to easy to work with? Is all the money going to be worth it?

Khara from House of Lucy & Rhys from Hungry Hearts Co
Khara from House of Lucy & Rhys from Hungry Hearts Co ? by Hungry Hearts Co

Don’t worry, put your mind at ease and simply read their reviews. You will get a good insight into how their customer service is and how easy and fun others have found to work with. There are plenty of places to look for reviews. Obviously, there are the big ones; Google and Facebook, and then you have your your smaller second tier websites and directories, such as ABIA, WedShed and dozens of other online directories that exist.

For small business, reviews carry a lot of weight. We push hard to deliver an exceptional product and service, and we might get thanked at the end of it. As a wedding professional we love to hear when our couples have a great time and positive experiences. So when we get a hand written note after your big day, we love it! But what really floats our boat is a honest review.

Creative Booth Google Review screenshot
Creative Booth Google Review screenshot

It’s these reviews the propel small business forward and lucky you gain in insight to how we work. So if you’ve ever hired, bought or used a service from a small business, a review is always welcomed.

You’d be surprised how hard it is to get a review even when your service is flawless, so if you’ve ever been on the receiving end of great service, spend 5 mins to leave a message. It will the business and other future customers out.

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