5 Tips to Make Your Wedding Photo Booth Stand Out

Creative Booth is for those who refuse to blend in. Make your booth and your guests shine at your event.

  1. Choose your backdrop wisely. Don’t necessarily steer towards the neutrals – what colours are in your wedding flowers? Is there a hint of colour on the tables at your event? Choose something that will make a statement and produce pictures full of colour and life for you to look back at and reminisce.
  2. Stay neutral with the template. You want your guests to shine, not your template. While it’s nice to customise the template to match your event, you don’t want to overshadow the great times your recording!
  3. Listen to your attendant. They are there to make sure you get as many amazing photos as possible, let yourself be guided by their suggestions and trust that they know what they’re doing. You’re sure to get some killer shots.
  4. Utilise your photo booth all night. We’re more than happy to celebrate with you for as many hours as you want – but ultimately, we suggest our 5 hour package with our Open Booth, or our Party Booth (6 hour hire). Why? We’re not money hungry, we promise, we just know that weddings are full of formalities, and that guests use the booth more as the night goes on. Book the booth for your whole event and you don’t miss a thing!
  5. Location Location Location. Don’t hide your booth. As tempting as it is to put it upstairs where there’s heaps of room, out of sight, out of mind. If your guests can’t see the photo booth while they’re mingling or eating dinner, it will be much later in the night before they start giving the booth a run for it’s money. Put it right in front of people and they’ll use it at every opportunity, we promise!
creative booth girls posing on green wall