What to do at a Hens Party?

The champagnes on ice, and the entertainment is on the way!  It’s time to let loose in a Party Booth to capture the fun of the night!

Hen’s parties are amazing fun and there are so many options to have a good time with your friends. Whether you’ve booked some accommodation or heading out, at some stage you and your tribe will be together for some amazing fun.

And what better way to have some fun then to book a photo booth, particularly a Party Booth from Creative Booth.

Creative Booth Party Booth at Hens Party
Creative Booth Party Booth at Hens Party

Our Party Booths are so much fun! You’ll be snapping photos and bouncing around in GIF’s and boomerangs all night long. It doesn’t matter if your tribe don’t want to get involved with the fun, because once they see everyone else having fun, they wont be able to help but join in.

Best of all our Party Booth is super affordable for a Hen’s Party. It starts at just $399! That’s such a great and nominal way to inject some fun to the nights antics. Our Party Booth isn’t just optional for your event, it’s now its a necessary piece of the puzzle when organising a hens party.

Creative Booth Hens Party Boomerang
Creative Booth Hens Party Boomerang

But how long can you expect to have the booth for? Well that’s simple, pretty much all night up to 6 hours hire. That works out to be less than $70 and hour. Incredible value that you won’t be able to say no too.

If you have questions, or want to book just flick us an enquiry to find out more.